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The Peckham Archives are Published

The Peckham Archives are Published

Shazam Productions is delighted to announce the publication of Only Fools and Horses: The Peckham Archives.

The new book is a highly pictorial guide to world of the Trotters and includes extracts of original scripts by the show’s creator John Sullivan along with material like Del Boy’s secret cocktail recipes, extracts from Joan Trotter’s diaries, Rodney’s school reports and Trigger’s Dos and Don’ts flash cards.

“Rod Green and Mike Jones and all the team at Random House have done a great job in capturing the story of Only Fools and its characters in a fresh and fun way,” says Jim Sullivan.

“In helping to put the book together I finally got round to organising and going through the scripts, 68 in all and at least four drafts of each, so it took a while. Discovering all of my dad’s script notes, edits and dialogue changes throughout the series has given me new insight in to, and appreciation of, how he worked, and it is a pleasure to share some examples of that in the book.”

Published: August 5, 2017

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