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9th in the list of top British icons

9th in the list of top British icons

Only Fools and Horses has been named 9th in a list of top British icons, ahead of The Beatles, Winston Churchill and The Queen.

The poll was carried out by tea company Tetley which said it wanted to shine “a light on how Brits feel about the country and the things people associate with Britishness.”

Here’s the full list of top 20 British icons:

1. Traditional Roast Dinner
2. Fish and chips
3. BBC
4. Union Jack
5. Wimbledon
6. A British cup of tea
7. The London Underground
8. The Royal Family
9. Only Fools and Horses
10. The Beatles
11. NHS
12. The City of London
13. Buckingham Palace
14. Red buses
15. Winston Churchill
16. Queen
17. Queuing
18. Cream tea
19. James Bond
20. Stonehenge

Published: August 3, 2017

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